Thursday, March 10, 2011


someone made a pulse lazer gun thats pretty cool
it has up to 50 shots with full batteries, hand held, and can shoot through 1/16th sheets of metal and soft plastics, only a matter of time before they start being able to liquefy body parts.

iin other news, like space, discovery just came back yesterday, last flight of a 25 year old spacecraft, traveled something like 150 million miles with all the rotations its made around the world, cool stuff, cant wait to see the next gen ion drive come out, hopefully we wont have to wait untill after ww3 like in startreck.

im also having trouble re-locating the link but i had found something where a astro-physicist was giving the top 5 explanations of why the periodic pole shifts happens, and one of them was a red dwarf orbiting in a huge elipse. gives a little bit of clout to the whole Nibiru/planet x theory.
that isnt the link i was talking about but it explains nibiru ect

this is still going on :/
 all the while a Philippine  man has created some of what was lost with tesla.
ambient energy harvest, free energy ect

just sayin


  1. Wow, that's awesome... Scary, but awesome...

  2. sweet, it seems like we'll be able to shoot laserguns in our lifetime

  3. that gun is pretty damn neat... i wonder how it was made?!

  4. That pulse laser gun is awesome..