Friday, March 11, 2011

8.9 quake hits jappan

its the end of the world u guys, just wait

Thursday, March 10, 2011


someone made a pulse lazer gun thats pretty cool
it has up to 50 shots with full batteries, hand held, and can shoot through 1/16th sheets of metal and soft plastics, only a matter of time before they start being able to liquefy body parts.

iin other news, like space, discovery just came back yesterday, last flight of a 25 year old spacecraft, traveled something like 150 million miles with all the rotations its made around the world, cool stuff, cant wait to see the next gen ion drive come out, hopefully we wont have to wait untill after ww3 like in startreck.

im also having trouble re-locating the link but i had found something where a astro-physicist was giving the top 5 explanations of why the periodic pole shifts happens, and one of them was a red dwarf orbiting in a huge elipse. gives a little bit of clout to the whole Nibiru/planet x theory.
that isnt the link i was talking about but it explains nibiru ect

this is still going on :/
 all the while a Philippine  man has created some of what was lost with tesla.
ambient energy harvest, free energy ect

just sayin

Saturday, March 5, 2011


so this thingy has been amusing me today

zimbabwe is arresting people for inciting revelution on facebook

whatever happened with this whole thing? it kinda dissapeared

get ready for free energy

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More space stuff

If you haven't heard, theres a satellite out there looking for stars with planets orbiting them. Its made a tonne of observations and possible cannidates. they have found planets that orbit in less than ten days, dual planets (they rotate around the same orbit) aswell as an entire solarsystem in resonance which apparently means an otherwise volitle orbit is kept in check by each of the planets.

i occasionally come up with a short story or 2, ususally not even the whole thing and when i do i think ill share some, or at least the starter paragraphs, ususally as far as i get, that hook you know.

just watched this colbert, its a good interview about china.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Superfluids anon

So apparently theres a new class of matter i didnt know about, superfluids. On earth they happen around absolute zero and apparently can escape from airtight containers. in space they happen around .5-.9 billion degrees and form the cores of neutron stars. The thing about superfluids is they are frictionless and superconductors, this is just one of many stages in a star's life especially neutron stars but it has vast implications!

also anon proves to be benevolent but just. .........24/anonymous-hacks-and-exposes-westboro-charlatans-baptist-church-internal-infrastructure-during-live-confrontation/

i wonder how many proxies that rep for anon was behind? 7? and jeeze what a sinner, i kinda lol'd its funny the archetype that mrs felps fullfills is so easily counterable, talk talk talk talk talk....its funny how she has that grin too, "dont give away the lie" she says

in other news did you guys hear about the micro fungus causing infertility and spontaneous abortions?
children of meeennnnnnnnn!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

and still they take and take

new xray machines can do the funcion of body cavity searches on the fly. Now everyone may find out the embarrassing place i keep my keys....

no seriously though... how important is flying... its like they want to make sure noone can fly without ridicule, mabey they are trying to kill the flight industry to keep us on the ground.CONSPIRACY!!!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Zombie/apocalypse

A friend and i were discussing the apocalypse and our desired weapons of choice, this quickly escalated from real world accessible baseball batts and brass knuckles, to machine guns sniper rifles and eventually to armoured cars,

a10 attack bombers

minigun mounted attack choppers.

and eventually this goldmine of a find

Sunday, February 20, 2011

apparently theres been some LOL's had by certain people..... almost seems like a setup untill he starts connecting.afds
heres new video

so edit, the video was removed so ill have to find a backup of it, an addition to the story, he was arrested yesterday or something, on all the charges from the video, assault, burglary, kidnapping

something to lighten the mood

so something to lighten the mood from the violence going on.

apparently we are not alone, in planets at least. 500 million of them are in the "sweetspot". One of my most vivid memories of gradeschool in the 90's was an early teen argument with my science teacher who for some reason in her infinite wisdom, refused to beleive in even the possibility of extraterrestrial life. I remember phrasing it like that too; "out of millions of stars you dont think at least most have planets?" --no we are one of a kind. probably why i started questioning the system, and getting teachers dirty looks.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

this is why

this is why nobody helps you. barbarisim is why you deserve to be stricken down with the lot of them and pushed under the heel of whatever brand of oppresion you are under. this is why your governtment will shoot you. this is why you deserve more than tear gas. revolt is one thing a riot is another. dirty savages.

then again it could be the very police force, now in plain clothes starting shit. dirty fucks, reset button time.


So you cant step outside twice without someone asking you if you know whats going on in the mid-east right now. one of the most recent being this clash where security forces killed a few protestors after opening fire with a mix of live and rubber ammo.

assuming this and other revolutions are true grass roots movements and all this yadda yadda about nwo destablization.  how long before the US releases its "firm" statement about how the use of violence against peacefull protesters is horrible like they did with egypt.  has the rest of the world shot itself in the foot by alienating america's "assistance"?(ex. iraq) When the people of a country cry out for the "world" to help them, who really do they mean, europe? ohhh yeah let let the U.N. and thier pretty flower police come stop injustice. china? and replace the boot with the heel?

mabey the world likes to mind its own buisness more often than the US, but how else do you stop a theif from taking the old lady's purse? Mind ones' own buisness? -- no, you go and assault the crook and return the purse to the old lady. Now the old lady thanks you and offers to buy you dinner.  The same thing applys here but instead of dinner it's trade negotiations and thanking is returned by votes for my cause. Its not facisim, its not imperialisim, its how the world works I scratch your back you scratch mine.

Friday, February 18, 2011

driveing force

this is a cool application of this technology, devices developed for videogame controlers being used for real life situations.its only a matter of time!!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

go bill

edited for the rest of the interview its pretty good

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Of course!

Local News | No charges against Seattle officer who shot woodcarver | Seattle Times Newspaper

so if you dont know about this, the 15m dashboard video of the officer will explain alot...

summary follows: officer alone in crusier mid day seattle, this guys a rookie, something like 2 years out of the accademy, sees a man whittling a piece of wood, while walking across the street. he jumps out of his cruiser gun drawn yelling at the man walking away from him(his back is to him) the officer aproaches from the rear yelling put it down put it down. the problem is John T. Williams was soon shot four times, twice in the back i think...

The decision not to file criminal charges comes about a month after a King County inquest jury reached mixed findings on the shooting. Four of eight jurors found that Birk wasn't facing an imminent threat when he fatally shot Williams, and that he didn't give Williams sufficient time to put down a knife he was carrying during their confrontation on a Seattle sidewalk.
john was a good man, and a native american/canadian, and used the knife for carving, so say his friends and relatives, the sad thing though they measured his BAC at .18 more than double legal driving intoxo.

Though before you jump to conclusions watch the video:

when other senior officers arrive they tell the killer, murderer to turn off his microphone attached to his uniform, which records all things the officer says and records it in the car. other officers congradulate him on the kill. saying it was a "good one"

the time between his first "drop the knife" and first gunshot is somethign like 45 seconds

AND LET ME DIGRESS... im not saying if i was in a gang as powerfull and influential as police that i wouldnt let things get to my head either, life is afterall a videogame to these people as we saw in the iraqi video leaks (

and also let me digress by saying that i fully respect and admire our police military fire, et-al they put their lives on the line every day and its more than i can say i do, but there still has to be accountability. wasn't this the exact reason we have rubber bullets and tazers? do we need to ban coffee from the police force?

Wow some people;content

The woman called West Chester police July 1 and said she had accused Adams of raping her. She also told police she saw a posting on his Facebook page offering $500 for “a girls head,” and feared for her safety. At the preliminary hearing, West Chester Police Det. Stan Billie testified that he went to Adams’ home and that Adams agreed to meet with him at the police station. Less than 10 minutes later, Adams posted a second Facebook message that said he “needed this girl knocked off right now” Billie testified.
no shit his postings severely limited his defense choises, its like emailing the police before you rob a bank.  I cant beleive some people dont have any clue about the non-anomynimity of the net, especially in public forums.

monday teusday

Went to the westminister dog show monday,

"pimpin aint easy" the dog said to me, i swear to god

this is one big ass mother fucker, we need to learn to teach these guys to use lazers and battle armour.

the winner of borzoi group, mr blurryface

this was a scene strait from "best in show"  -- WHY DIDNT YOU BRING BUSY-BEE?

Monday, February 14, 2011


created some wall art with some dewds yesterday, pics incomming but something to hold its place...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

thats fun, benzine and acetone in the air, "clean natural gas"

morning salutations one must get to work early on this eve of a day.

a little sexy  to brighten the afternoon, I find it amazing how netflix ps3 has less titles than wii netflix, there seems to be alot of retardation when it comes to product distrobution, you can only hurt yourself by having a closed product. innovation and tooling comes first nature, why not let people touch it too

Friday, February 11, 2011

What do the 'listing' and 'let search engines find your blog' settings do? - Blogger Help

What do the 'listing' and 'let search engines find your blog' settings do? - Blogger Help
this shit is mad confusing

something active for the morning

 morning after is always the hardest, uhhg and most painfull fuuuuuuuuckk you. damnit you sonmethign else
dont you assholes understand, everything, you are bitching about, is your own fault, if you had any brain left in your head you would have figured it out by now, but its all your fault, fuck you and the horse you ran in on

Thursday, February 10, 2011

on mixo order that we may join things  together according to Nature, and not attempt to confound vegetables with animals, or animals with metals. Everything should be made to act on that which is like to it-- and then Nature will perform her duty.

Today is the day

today is the day of a new erra, let all behold mine spelling mistakes and coolage history. broken and smashed choped and spliced finger it out. beheld!

and lo-apon the feild there was another wish for content tent. please excuse broken anglish


alwasy revelant...I have alot of free time enyjoy this shit while you can. also on a related note.

bring a swimsuit