Saturday, February 19, 2011

this is why

this is why nobody helps you. barbarisim is why you deserve to be stricken down with the lot of them and pushed under the heel of whatever brand of oppresion you are under. this is why your governtment will shoot you. this is why you deserve more than tear gas. revolt is one thing a riot is another. dirty savages.

then again it could be the very police force, now in plain clothes starting shit. dirty fucks, reset button time.


  1. WTF?! this is terrible! Its the backward mob mentality of this group that has let this atrocity happen. Where religion goes...........human misery insues.

  2. You can't believe everything you read though. There are not any sources for that article, and apparently this all originated from a troll video. Read the comments on that article.
    Anyways, followed =)

  3. yeah ive been meaning to follow up, dunno if its real