Sunday, February 20, 2011

something to lighten the mood

so something to lighten the mood from the violence going on.

apparently we are not alone, in planets at least. 500 million of them are in the "sweetspot". One of my most vivid memories of gradeschool in the 90's was an early teen argument with my science teacher who for some reason in her infinite wisdom, refused to beleive in even the possibility of extraterrestrial life. I remember phrasing it like that too; "out of millions of stars you dont think at least most have planets?" --no we are one of a kind. probably why i started questioning the system, and getting teachers dirty looks.


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  2. i agree there def is life out there

  3. there's probably life out there, but it's so far away that maybe we can never reach it.
    The wolf with the vuvuzela is the best!