Saturday, February 19, 2011


So you cant step outside twice without someone asking you if you know whats going on in the mid-east right now. one of the most recent being this clash where security forces killed a few protestors after opening fire with a mix of live and rubber ammo.

assuming this and other revolutions are true grass roots movements and all this yadda yadda about nwo destablization.  how long before the US releases its "firm" statement about how the use of violence against peacefull protesters is horrible like they did with egypt.  has the rest of the world shot itself in the foot by alienating america's "assistance"?(ex. iraq) When the people of a country cry out for the "world" to help them, who really do they mean, europe? ohhh yeah let let the U.N. and thier pretty flower police come stop injustice. china? and replace the boot with the heel?

mabey the world likes to mind its own buisness more often than the US, but how else do you stop a theif from taking the old lady's purse? Mind ones' own buisness? -- no, you go and assault the crook and return the purse to the old lady. Now the old lady thanks you and offers to buy you dinner.  The same thing applys here but instead of dinner it's trade negotiations and thanking is returned by votes for my cause. Its not facisim, its not imperialisim, its how the world works I scratch your back you scratch mine.