Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Of course!

Local News | No charges against Seattle officer who shot woodcarver | Seattle Times Newspaper

so if you dont know about this, the 15m dashboard video of the officer will explain alot...

summary follows: officer alone in crusier mid day seattle, this guys a rookie, something like 2 years out of the accademy, sees a man whittling a piece of wood, while walking across the street. he jumps out of his cruiser gun drawn yelling at the man walking away from him(his back is to him) the officer aproaches from the rear yelling put it down put it down. the problem is John T. Williams was soon shot four times, twice in the back i think...

The decision not to file criminal charges comes about a month after a King County inquest jury reached mixed findings on the shooting. Four of eight jurors found that Birk wasn't facing an imminent threat when he fatally shot Williams, and that he didn't give Williams sufficient time to put down a knife he was carrying during their confrontation on a Seattle sidewalk.
john was a good man, and a native american/canadian, and used the knife for carving, so say his friends and relatives, the sad thing though they measured his BAC at .18 more than double legal driving intoxo.

Though before you jump to conclusions watch the video:

when other senior officers arrive they tell the killer, murderer to turn off his microphone attached to his uniform, which records all things the officer says and records it in the car. other officers congradulate him on the kill. saying it was a "good one"

the time between his first "drop the knife" and first gunshot is somethign like 45 seconds

AND LET ME DIGRESS... im not saying if i was in a gang as powerfull and influential as police that i wouldnt let things get to my head either, life is afterall a videogame to these people as we saw in the iraqi video leaks (

and also let me digress by saying that i fully respect and admire our police military fire, et-al they put their lives on the line every day and its more than i can say i do, but there still has to be accountability. wasn't this the exact reason we have rubber bullets and tazers? do we need to ban coffee from the police force?


  1. wow thats fucking ridiculous. A testament to the kind of world we live in today >:( Are we actually free?

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  2. not a fan of drunk native woodcarvers but that cop definitely murdered him.

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  3. thats fucking stupid, cant believe it,
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  4. wow that was shocking, it's too little time.
    We must respect the police, but in this case he should be punished